Mission Beach Outer Reef Fishing with Hooked Up Fishing Adventures.

“Fishing Mission Beach since the 80s”

If you are looking for an action packed full day fishing the world famous Great Barrier Reef out of Mission Beach with the most experienced crew on the coast, look no further.

Owner/Skipper Alister Pike came to Mission Beach as a young boy in 1967 with his family, who started banana farming at Narragon Beach. Alister quickly got into the fishing groove. Weekends and holidays were always spent out on the reef with family and friends, catching the big ones! Alister has developed this hobby into a lifelong passion, now passed on to his 8 kids. Two of the boys, Mitchell and Gererd are skippers in their own right, Mitchell now has his own charter in Stavanger, Norway andGererd works in the family business.

The ¬†Great Barrier Reef offshore from Mission Beach holds great table and sportfish. From the exquisite Coral Trout, the norths number one table fish, to the high adrenalin silver bullet that is the Spanish Mackeral, our waters hold numerous other species in between. Other piscatorial targets include Nannigai, Sweetlip, Spangled and Red Emporer, Gold Spot Cod, Jobfish, Reef Jacks, to name but a few. Reef edges, flats, wrecks and rubble beds may be all fished depending on what’s happening on the day.

No experience is needed, along with putting you on the best spots (thanks to our state of the art dynamic positioning system), our crew will show you all the tips needed to get “Hooked Up”.

# Tip – make sure you fish with heavy drag and a quick strike when fishing on the reef floor, most of the fish are ambush predators and will write your tackle off on the coral if you are too slow!

Your Outer Reef trip starts around 7.30am and includes:

  • all quality tackle, bait and ice provided.¬†bottled water.
  • welcome to take your fish, bag and size limits apply.
  • all trips subject to weather conditions on the day.